PARAMOTOR training & guiding

Our unique, one to one, bespoke courses and holidays allow you get straight down to the art of flying, One to one radio contact in the air allows us to tweak your style according to the conditions.

Personalized Paramotor training

We offer the quickest and most informed route to gaining a level of paramotoring expertise unrivalled by the usual school environment. Expect to learn initially by tow line or on a small hill before progressing quickly to powered flight.

Expect to use the most advanced equipment on the market today in the best environment to learn. Good weather is essential to making quick progress.

Solo Paramotor Guiding

Paramotoring isn’t simply an entry to powered flight, its the essence of single person accessible aviation to begin any adventure, we can offer small or solo group guidance in a variety of environments.

Learn to explore the countryside with your own personal guide, planned cross country flying and retrieve. The world really is your oyster. Hire the engine of your choice or use your own, receive one to one coaching in air and a vehicle and driver on hand to support your adventure.