paragliding training & guiding

Our Bespoke, one to one, courses and holidays allow you to get straight down to the art of flying. One to one radio contact in the air allows us to tweak your style according to the conditions.

The training

Fast track your learning, follow the most informed route to gaining a level of paragliding expertise unrivalled by the usual group and school training. We also combine the use of tandem training to fast-track your knowledge and finesse your skills.

Expect to use the most advanced equipment on the market today in the best environment to learn. Good weather is essential to making quick progress.

Our Personalized Guiding

Aimed at any level of pilot, looking for personal one to one coaching, we pick the location depending on time of year and conditions paired to your level of experience and goals and objectives.

Be it Italy, Spain, France, Colombia, Nepal, Brazil or the Austria Alps, it could be understanding basic thermalling techniques or ticking off new Xc routes with your very own personal guide. Numbers limited to three.